About Us

The International Society for Design Thinking (ISDT) was founded by Professor Stephen Melamed, FIDSA, Professor Zheng Gang, Ph.D. and Professor Michael T.L. Chiang, Ph.D. with the international headquarter located in Chicago, Illinois USA.


As of today, the Fasinno Innovation Academy (Beijing) is the only recognized organization provide the training and certification for Design Thinking in the Greater China Region. The vision of ISDT is to provide a platform for people who appreciate and have the desire to learn Design Thinking methodologies, and want to learn and practice these methods to enable innovation in their business or personal life. The ISDT mission is to improve the quality of everyday life for people through empathetic design.

Stephen Melamed, FIDSA 
Chair/Clinical Professor, Industrial Design
Center Interdisciplinary
Product Development Program
University of Illinois at Chicago
Zheng Gang, Ph.D. 
Associate professor of Innovation Management, Technology Entrepreneurship 
Deputy Chair of Dept. of Management Science & Engineering, 
Director- Venture-lab@Silicon Valley , School of Management, 
Zhejiang University , China 
Visiting Scholar at Stanford University GSB
Michael, T. L. Chiang, Ph.D.
Dean, Fasinno Innovation Academy, Beijing, China
Associate Professor, Dept. of Business Administrative, Minghsin University of Science & Technology,
Taiwan, China

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