Case Study


1. One of the most interesting projects I’ve been fortunate to work on was an extensive study for Intel utilizing the Design Thinking process for the brief –“How Can Technology Enable Commerce in East Africa?” My team spent the next two years conducting research in East Africa in order to generate concepts for over a hundred different kinds of products, systems and services focused on a variety of domains, including health care, transportation, education, and micro-business. The resulting study and documentation was then provided to Intel partners for implementation.



2. My team worked with Segway to develop the 2nd generation (i2) human transporter and digital interface with the electronic key fob further simplifying the interaction and use of the device.



3. Shure Electronics wanted to address the needs of professional musicians suffering from Tinnitus. This engagement led to the development of the PSM200® (Professional Sound Monitoring). This system provides protection for the musicians hearing while offering precise control over sound levels and mixing.



4. An engagement with Swingline (Acco Brands) to research, design and develop their next generation manual stapler lead to the introduction of the LiteTouch® product line. This line of staplers was the first in low-force manual staplers that effectively reduced the amount of force required to dispense a staple by one-third.



5. Last, but not least, the SmartGadgets® measuring cups and spoons for Copco (Wilton Industries) that replaced the typical connection ring with magnetic handles, provided a flat surface to stand while measuring, and a high contrast interior surface to easily read the contents.