2018 Contemporary Innovation Theory and Best Practice Forum, Beijing China

From 6th to 7th July, 2018 Contemporary Innovation Theory and Best Practice Forum

was held in the Economics & Management Academy, Tsinghua University. The forum were hosted by the International Society of Design Thinking (ISDT), the Technology Innovation Research Center Tsinghua University & the International Society for TRIZ (ITRIZS), and co-hosted by Fasinno Innovation Academy & Tsinghua Management Review.

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Mr. Liu Yanhua, the former vice minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and now counselor of the State Council, professor Jelena Spanjol, head of Innovation & Management Institute of School of Management in Ludwig Maximilian University, Mr. Chen Jin,  professor of the Economics & Management Academy & director of the Technology Innovation Research Center, Tsinghua University, Mr. Ron Nabarro, guest professor of Huaqiao University and Foshan University & former Graduate Program director of Advanced Industrial Design in Israeli Institute of Science and Technology, Sir. Valeriy Prushinskiy, chairman of the International Society for TRIZ (USA), professor Tan Runhua of Hebei Industry University vice-chancellor, professor Stephen Melamed, chairman of the International Society Design Thinking (ISDT), associate-professor Jiang Tailin, dean of Fasinno Innovation Academy & Business Management Department in Mingxin Technology University, Mr. Zheng Gang, ZTVP director of School of Management & Associate-Professor of School of Management in Zhejiang University, Mr. Sun Lumin, senior Human Resources Manager of China Resources Group & principal of Action Learning in China Resources University, Mr. Xu Zhen, chief engineer of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., have given keynote speeches in the forum. A total of more than 160 experts and scholars have attended the forum, including Professor Sun Wei, the party secretary of School of Management in Xi 'an Jiaotong University, Mr. Li Jizhen, dean assistant of the School of Economic and Management & associate Professor of Technology Innovation Research Center etc.

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Professor Stephen Melamed

Professor Stephen Melamed, chairman of the International Society of Design Thinking, director of Industrial Design Department of Chicago Branch School in the University of Illinois, starting with a small video from Corning Incorporated, has brought up the purpose of the proposed design fiction is to try hard to imagine a future through the design of the prototype to activate imagination to create possibilities, so as to realize this vision. And he points out that the things you do now (design) is not "narrating a story", but "make up a story" or “create a story". This is a very important thinking process in the design thinking.

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Dr. Jiang Tailin

Dr. Jiang Tailin, the vice president of the International Society of Design Thinking, mentions that speaking to innovation, we only do three things: the first is the idea, which is to find out commercially valuable ideas and it needs methodology for support; the second is to learn the art of innovation; the third is to start a business. He believes any good pattern should have process, methods and tools for carrying out, which means: the first we need to confirm the goal of innovation; the second we in accordance with the technical map & strategy map to find out commercially valuable products and services concept-namely the design thinking. And innovative technologies and products by TRIZ methods will be implemented.

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Dr. Chen Jin

Dr. Chen Jin, newly appointed director of the International Society of Design Thinking & professor of Tsinghua University, on the theme of “The Rise of Oriental Innovation Study”, has briefly introduced the Oriental Innovation Study background, and analyzed the innovation paradigm of Europe, US, India, Japan and other countries, combined with the enterprise practice, put forward the "integrated innovation" - a roadmap based on innovation paradigm of Oriental wisdom. He thinks the integrated innovation is the innovation paradigm driven by strategic vision, from the wholeness, overall planning and integrated innovation to create design perspective and to combine the science, technology, education, economy, culture, people's livelihood and ecology etc. to form system force to guide the comprehensive innovation, open innovation and collaborative innovation under strategic drive.

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Dr. Zheng Gang

ISDT co-founder, associate professor of Zhejiang University, Dr. Zheng Gang gives the speech on the theme of "Innovator's Counterattack: Innovation Thinking in the Changing Age", sharing from two aspects: one is the innovator's dilemma and counterattack; the other is the three innovation strategies in the changing age. He thinks the innovation counterattack may rely on scientific and technological innovation, business model and other innovations, and a disruptive innovation matrix graph is summarized. Finally he sums up the three innovation strategies in the changing age: the first is to keep the heterogeneity of staff, innovation and action; the second is to keep the modular structure; and the third is to retain redundancy between different parts.

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After the guests’ speeches, it runs into the concluding part of the forum, Professor Stephen Melamed has engaged Professor Chen Jin as the director for the International Society of Design Thinking. And the host invites all experts onto stage and announces that Beijing Office of International Society of Design Thinking has been established.

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Finally, Dr. Chen Jin from the host Tsinghua University has summarized the forum. Innovation is dependent on the methodology and thinking, the forum has provided an important communication platform for experts and scholars, entrepreneurs in the field of innovation, and shared the best practices in the field of innovation. At noon on July 7th, this forum has come to a successful end.

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